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Hockey Fun Facts
Every wonder how fast a puck travels on a slap shot?  Hardest shot for a goalie to stop?  Markings on an ice rink?  Get the fun facts here!

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Stanley Cup by the numbers
On March 18, the NHL marked the 125th anniversary of the Stanley Cup. Here are some facts and figures related to the Stanley Cup.

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Defining an Excellent Season

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi

By nature, hockey is an imperfect game. Mistakes far outpace highlight-reel plays. The speed, physicality and beautifully chaotic environment leads to human error. With that in mind, it’s important

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10 Ways to Build More Resilient Kids

Resiliency, by definition, is the ability to bounce back from something difficult.

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Reedy Takes Valuable Lessons to Heart

Second season with NTDP has put the pieces together for Minnesota recruit

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How to Play Defense In Ice Hockey - Beginner's Guide

Ever wonder How to Play Defense in Ice Hockey? View this beginner's guide to learn everything there is to know about playing defense. Click to read more.

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